Energy Management Control Systems using Data Forecasting


Problem: There is lost energy savings opportunity in buildings because of inaccurate or slow response to the needs of the building and environment. Summary:

  1. Energy Management Systems are a sophisticated metering and  control system designed to help monitor, forecast usage, analyze and control a facility to optimize efficiency and minimize cost.
  2. Features such as a forecasting, real-time benchmarking, reports and control capabilities, connecting different energy goals for continuous energy savings opportunities.
  3. Examples are Grid Navigator and Callida Energy:

Organizational Stakeholders who will use the product:

  1. Commercial facility managers
  2. Commercial small businesses
  3. Industrial facilities
  4. Home owners

Deploying Technology:

  1. Engage stakeholders in the value of a control system that optimizes based on data collected.
  2. Verify or install the proper sensors and control interfaces.
  3. Monitor and track the performance of the system towards the energy saving goals.

ta2435: Tarek Arafat

2 thoughts on “Energy Management Control Systems using Data Forecasting

  1. Great article.

    Additionally, Callida uses uses a set of information about the building pertaining to occupancy, time of day, and weather forecasts to optimize the heating and cooling schedules that manage the buildin’s temperature.


  2. Callida Energy can integrate different priorities of a building, such as occupant comfort, economic reduction, or energy reduction, to provide a customized application for different building portfolios.


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