DEMS® (Decentralized Energy Management System)

1. Issue:

Due to fluctuations in renewable energy generation, there is a need for an integrated technology that allows for better planning and forecasting of renewable energy sources to ensure a stable power supply.

2. Technology:

Siemens Decentralized Energy Management System DEMS

  • An information and communications technology used by Stadtwerke München (SWM), one of Germany’s largest power supply companies
  • Connects several small scale energy energy producers such as, block heating power plants, combined heat power plants and renewable power generation, creating a virtual power plant (VPP)
  • Monitors a “dispatch plan” based on weather forecasts, current electricity prices and energy demand
  • Allows utilities to forecast and determine how much energy is generated by renewables energy sources
  • Predict when other energy sources are needed to fulfill demand, due to weather conditions that may hinder renewable power generation

3. Stakeholders:

  • Siemens
  • Utility Companies
  • Governments

4. Implementation:

  • Coordinate with utility companies to determine small scale energy producers
  • Centralize small scale energy producers by creating a virtual power plant
  • Implement DEMS to enhance and regulate power generation across scales

One thought on “DEMS® (Decentralized Energy Management System)

  1. Siemens’ virtual power plant not only provides a reliable power supply, but the decentralized energy management system also ensures cost-effective operations, and can allow for new energy business opportunities and optimization in the energy matrix.


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