Water Conservation Through New Water Containment System


Water Conservation is a major issue globally and one of the greatest areas of waste is in agriculture, where the irrigation systems fail to concentrate water usage on individual plants, but rather disperse water inefficiently across great swaths of crops.


  1. An independent farmer has developed a new low-tech product that concentrates water usage and conserves 1/30th the amount of water that would otherwise be used to irrigate a crop.
  2. The product is called the Tree T-Pee and is a thermo-formed cone of plastic which sits around the base of each plant, limiting the spread of irrigation to only a 1-foot radius through the use of micro-sprinklers.
  3. The design of the cone is also useful in mitigating frost by pulling the moisture from the micro-sprinklers and holding it rather than allowing it to evaporate.
  4. The product was only created and used in a small region of Florida for citrus farms until recently but will soon be available domestically.

The entrepreneur was recently featured on Shark Tank and the article, Tree-T-Pee Could Provide Drought Relief to Farmers can be found at yourcentralvalley.com. The product’s website can be found here: treetpee.com

Organizational Stakeholders:

  1. Commercial Farms
  2. Independent Farmers
  3. Irrigation and Sprinkler Companies

Steps in Deployment:

  1. Increase production
  2. Identify markets and educate
  3. Distribute product domestically
  4. Expand to provide internationally

One thought on “Water Conservation Through New Water Containment System

  1. – There are added benefits for those who use the Tree T-Pee. In addition to freeze protection and water saving, there are significant fuel (gas, diesel or electric) savings.
    – New trees can be brought into production a full year faster because the concentrated moisture and heat produced by the Tree T-Pee promotes up to 30% increase in the new growth.


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