Fishing should not be “out of sight, out of mind”


1) Sustainability problem: over-fishing. Sustainability category: health

2) Name of the technology: TransparentSea

Article: Make a great track for all to see

Website: Navama Technology for Nature


  • TransparentSea is a joint project of the WWF Smart Fishing Initiative and Navama technology for nature
  • It is a new vessel tracking tool and data sharing platform that allows fisheries worldwide to register their fishing activities.
  • Fisheries can register and share AIS and VMS data to demonstrate that they are not involved in illegal activities and that they respect the boundaries of marine protected areas and no take zones.
  • This technology enables transparency of fishing operations that will help to improve fisheries management.
  • Marine resource managers are increasingly demanding ecological data, accurate and timely scientific information. The collection, measurement and analysis of fishing activity including, but not limited to: catch, species composition, fishing effort, by-catch, discards, area of operations, etc is very important. This information is primary data that fisheries managers use to arrive at management decisions. If this information is unavailable, inaccurate or incomplete, managers will be handicapped in developing and implementing management measures.

3)  Stakeholders:

  • Government and NGOs – notice if boundaries of MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) and closed fish nursery habitats are respected.
  • Producers (fisheries) – voluntarily report
  • Global buyers (supermarkets) – use this platform to purchase from environmentally responsible fisheries.

4)  First 3 steps:

  • Draft a marketing plan to make this platform more well-known in the market
  • Draft a business plan to finance this platform
  • Make it mandatory for fisheries to report

vn2216: Viviane Gandolfi

One thought on “Fishing should not be “out of sight, out of mind”

  1. Data obtained from vessels’ routes combined with weather data can also increase safety of vessels. Fishermen/business owners can make safer decisions of when and where they should fish.


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