New Roof Coating Technology: Lower Internal and External Temperatures

  • Technology: A roof coating that absorbs less sunlight, and that makes roof colder than air even in high summer temperatures – discovered by researchers at theUniversity of Technology Sydney.
    1. Researchers claim that the new surface “stayed 11 degrees or more colder than an existing state-of-the-art white roof nearby because it absorbs only 3 per cent of incident sunlight while simultaneously strongly radiating heat at infrared wavelengths that are not absorbed by the atmosphere,”
    2. The advantages of a cool roof: improved energy efficiency, for more comfortable interiors.
    3. Potential overall advantage: “If enough roofs in a precinct are kept cool then the local climate can also be beneficially influenced.”
    4. Availability: Material used currently available commercially – may be suited to be used on basic roofing.
#CleanTechnology New Roof Coating
  • Technology stakeholders:
    1. Regulatory Bodies/Government: Good to have a legislation that would push for the implementation of standardized special/white coat roofs on all new buildings. For existing structures, it would be good to have a  regulation that would push existing buildings to comply with new requirements and make changes within a specified time frame.
    2. Architects and Construction Companies: would require these stakeholders to implement this special coated material on new projects/new constructions.
    3. Building Owners/Managers/Home Proprietors: would require these stakeholders to adopt special coated material on existing roofs.
  • Implementation:
    1. Inform stakeholders of new technology (media outlets and direct mail) – showcasing overall benefit.
    2. Provide product availability information (shopping locations and cost info)
    3. Inform suppliers of upcoming demand (try to negotiate lower price)
    4. Commission lobbying people to push for legislation implementation
    5. Have regulatory legislation implemented
    6. Follow up with stakeholders to ensure implementation is being done successfully

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