Shedding Light on Smart Street Lamps

1) Street lamps are expensive to operate and maintain, as electricity prices continue to increase and costs for changing bulbs are realized frequently. This is energy inefficient and is a detrimental expense to city budgets.


  • GE has created a super-efficient LED street lamp that can last 20 years
  • These lamps are capable of video monitoring and have weather and light sensors
  • Can save 50-70% of electricity costs compared with traditional bulbs
  • Can be useful for monitoring traffic and safety concerns; useful for transportation planners and crime prevention
  • Bulbs will not need to be changed nearly as frequently as traditional bulbs.

3) This technology is great for cities that have ambitious sustainability goals and for all municipalities as it is will be cost-beneficial in the long-run.

4) This technology can be adopted by procuring the new light fixtures. The creation of a federal grant program for municipalities may be one strategic way of increasing the rate at which this is adopted throughout the country.

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