Vortex Bladeless, a wind turbine without blades

1) Vortex Bladeless is a sustainability technology addressing Energy

2) The Future of Wind Turbines? No Blades

  • Vortex Bladeless uses vorticity – the wind pattern that caused the oscillation and destruction of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge – to convert wind into kinetic energy for electricity.
  • The Vortex is cheaper to manufacture and maintain than a traditional wind turbine. It’s also quieter and safer for birds.
  • While the Vortex produces 30% less energy than a propeller turbine, you can fit and operate twice as many Votex turbines within a designated space.

3) Stakeholders:

  • developing countries
  • countries looking to improve or expand pre-established wind energy projects
  • homeowners looking to convert to or supplement renewable energy use

4) First steps to deployment:

  1. Raise public & private capital
  2. Partner with development organizations seeking to provide energy in developing countries. Also partner with countries that have an established a wind energy economy.
  3. Train local people in the use and maintenance of the product.


2 thoughts on “Vortex Bladeless, a wind turbine without blades

  1. – Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish company that raised $1 million from private capital, crowdfunding and government funding from design to manufacturing.

    – This space-saving technology transforms a problem (oscillation motion of structures – an eternal headache for engineers) into an opportunity for producing power.

    – Masts have to be made of light materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber to optimize the vibration movement and generate more energy.


  2. Compared to the traditional wind turbine, the Vortex Bladeless are less costly to maintain because there are no gears, bolts, or mechanically moving parts. This will make their technology more competitive in the energy market.


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