Tesla Low-Cost Battery May Revolutionize Africa’s Energy Crisis


Traditionally, the relationship between a government and its people is one of bartering political support for the provision of services, such as roads, schools, electricity water and security. But with the possibility of being entirely off-grid, daily African life might finally be able to disconnect from the political impact.


  1. This wall-mounted battery can hold enough energy to power a home for up to five hours. Tesla has promised to release the technology into the public domain, encouraging others to develop their own models using the open source data.
  2. The Powerall can power a home or business could allow Africans to leapfrog from no electricity at all straight to renewables. Several can be hooked together at a time, increasing the battery’s a capacity to provide continuous power.
  3. This technology would enable the increasing demand for tech hubs throughout the continent, popularizing the concept of mobilizing these stations and allowing them to spring up guerilla-style.
  4. If the Tesla battery provides the anticipated impact across the continent, countries may find themselves with less pressure to provide infrastructure and services to its people, widening the gap between governments and voters.

The article, Tesla’s Low-Cost Renewable Battery Could Revolutionise Africa’s Energy Supply” can be found at The Guardian and the product, the Powerall, can be found on Tesla’s site.

Organizational Stakeholders:

  1. Private Investors in Tesla
  2. African State Governments
  3. African Citizens
  4. Engineers
  5. Entrepreneurs

Steps in Deployment:

  1. Increase production & deployment
  2. Identify markets & educate
  3. Distribute internationally
  4. Provide assistance in use & maintenance
  5. Encourage entrepreneurial growth

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