A high-tech helmet that helps you navigate the city

1. Issue: Mobility

2. A high-tech helmet that helps you navigate the city – CityLab (June 4, 2015)


To optimize navigation for cyclists, and increase the number of sustainable mobility options in the urban environment, technology may play a role in improving the experience for cyclists. The key elements of this technology would help address the problem by:

    • Using a Heads-Up Display (HUD), this visually feeds cyclists navigational directives and landmarks, by using a concept that uses a visor that slides over a cyclist’s face to highlight the best ourite using glowing lines.
    • It would be particularly useful in navigating tricky paths through parks or alleys, and may in fact encourage cyclists to use other routes and reduce congestion off of busy roads, allowing clearer paths for cyclists
    • This technology, while originally intended to help with wayfinding, may also prove to be helpful by increasing safety and warnings through other sensors.

3. The stakeholders who could use this technology may include cyclists, municipal governments, technology developers, and cycling retailers.

4. To deploy this technology, this could include:

    • Step 1: Technical developments would need to be coordinated with municipal data and planning.
    • Step 2: Test the technology and determine ways to improve and optimize its functionality.
    • Step 3: Coordinate the promotion, sales and education of the use of these visors.

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