Smart water meters becoming popular in Califorina cities

1) Issue: Energy/Water & Waste Management

2) Tech summary

  • Cities in California have been installing “smart water meters” as a way of monitoring water use, collecting real-time data, and informing users of potential leaks.
  • Traditional water meters simply keep a running tally of water use and generate a bill based on that usage. Smart meters provide insight into time of day, patterns, and potential abnormal usage that could reveal a leak.
  • Long Beach, for example, has made use of smart water meter technology from Transparent Technologies while San Francisco uses a similar product from Elster AMCO Water.
  • This macro-level visibility may eventually allow cities and water utilities to associate higher costs with peak usage times (surge pricing) as is currently done with electricity.
  • Articles

3) Stakeholders: water utilities, business owners, homeowners, city managers

4) Steps for deployment

  • Partner with tech company to supply smart meter sensors
  • Develop pilot program to install technology on limited number of meters
  • Collect and analyze data with goal of finding “early win” for the program

One thought on “Smart water meters becoming popular in Califorina cities

  1. This technology can also help inform municipalities not only of the leaks, but as in the case of LA, it can also alert the municipality of repeat offenders. The city can subsequently use that data to inform by-law officers to fine offenders, penalizing those who may be abusing water standards and laws.


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