Electric Garbage Trucks

Article Link: Electric Garbage Trucks

Technology: Wrightspeed Powertrains

1) Issue: Energy & Waste Management / Public Services

2) Summary:

  • Garbage trucks are one of the vehicles with the highest energy consumption, and therefore offer the greatest potential for improvement and significant benefits.
  • Wrightspeed created an efficient replacement of powertrains for garbage trucks and delivery trucks.
  • The Wrightspeed powertrain includes battery packs (lithium iron phosphate battery), a regenerative braking system, and a back-up gas turbine range extender generator that supplies energy to the battery pack to keep the direct propulsion system all-electric.

3) Stakeholders:

  • Waste Management authority and delivery truck companies
  • Truck drivers and garbage collectors
  • The general public being serviced by the garbage and delivery trucks

4) Steps for deployment:

  • After the initial trial phase that proves the powertrains are efficient, approach the waste management authority to swap out the old powertrains of garbage trucks for the Wrightspeed powertrains.
  • Identify the delivery truck organizations that would like to adopt the new powertrains, as FedEx has already done.
  • Scale up production of powertrains for garbage trucks and delivery trucks.

One thought on “Electric Garbage Trucks

  1. According to CEO Ian Wright, one of the original co-founders of Tesla, Class 8 garbage trucks represent a huge opportunity, largely because they are currently so awful and inefficient. “They are burning 14,000 gallons a year, and chewing up their brakes every three months. Doing an average of 130 miles a day with 1,000 hard stops, drivers are going full throttle, full brakes, 1,000 times a day.”


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