Potholes are Tweeting their own Repair Requests

lead_large1. Problem:

Public Administration & Services: Numerous cities are riddled with potholes that are costing cities and automobiles owners thousands of dollars each year.

2. Technology:

Tweeting Potholes (El Hueco Twitero)

  • Installing motion-sensor devices in potholes
  • Every time a car runs over the sensor a tweet is sent to the city’s public works department
  • This technology creates a map of the most damaged streets in a city

3. Stakeholders:

  • City’s public works department
  • City’s transportation department
  • El Hueco Twitero
  • Community

4. Implementation:

  • Create an implementation plan based on the city’s current pothole data
  • Coordinate across city departments
  • Develop and implement a community awareness campaign

3 thoughts on “Potholes are Tweeting their own Repair Requests

  1. I love the simplicity and user friendly (anyone could put one of these in a pothole in their neighborhood) aspect of this small technology. I think our city road systems are outdated infrastructures and can use so much improvement. If we combined this feature with the new modular ‘solar roadways’ being designed roads could become a wealth of information and more easily changed and changeable, providing much easier repair as well as integration with other services (new elc and internet wiring, repair of water mains, etc)


  2. What is the cost component for this? I feel like the main reason that pot holes exist is because municipalities are too overwhelmed from a resource perspective to finance and successfully fill each pothole. While I am intrigued by the idea of placing sensors in each pothole, I think a more productive use of financial resources would be to simply repair the damaged roads.


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