The freedom of mobility: the use of data to cope with traffic problems

(1) Problem: The freedom of mobility

Our current transportation system won’t be able to deal with population growth. Today there is approximately 7 billion people in the world within our live time the number will growth to approximately 9 billion, this growth comes with a series of practical problems one of witch is mobility.

When we look at the population growth in terms of cars the problem becomes clearer. Today there are approximately 800M worldwide with more people and greater prosperity the number is going to growth to 2-4 billion of which at least 75% of those cars will be located in highly populated cities.

Today the average American spends about a week a year in traffic jams; with the rate of cars growth the impact will be even higher. There is a huge need to think about a long-term strategy to solve the mobility problem. Cities need to make mobility smarter: more efficient reliable and green.

(2) Technology: Intelligent Transport Systems

We know that the problem of mobility cannot be solved with a single solution and different aspects must be considered such as public transportation, infrastructure and parking. In order to address those issues we need information, thus data analytics is playing a crucial role in developing an Intelligent Transport System. there are three cities that are using big data to solve different mobility problems.

(3) Stakeholders

City mayors.

Private companies.

Citizens (users)

(4) Implementation

To start a pilot the first step is to sign agreements with private technological enterprises such as IBM, the second step is to collect data from different sources. A marketing campaign must be part of the strategy in order to inform users about the solution and how to use it.

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