Wearable Devices to Prevent Sunburn

Health/Safety:  People know they should wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, which burns, ages and wrinkles our skin and contributes to over 3.5 million cases of skin cancer each year.

Main Points:

  1. There are several new wearable devices- from Fitbit-style bracelets to other jewelry- that track your exposure to the sun and help with sun protection options.
  2. The first on the market, JUNE, can be worn as a bracelet or a brooch to monitor sun exposure throughout the day. Containing UV sensors and an iOS app, it reports on how much exposure you have gotten, the risk of UV radiation on a scale from 0 to 15 and lets you know to put on a hat or reapply sun screen.
  3. Lower tech or more affordable options include bands, stickers, and Smartphone apps with precautions and alarms.
  4. The challenge remains getting people to use sun protection – app or no app. Studies have shown electronic reminders to apply sunscreen as having mixed success.

JUNE bracelet


  1. Corporations designing and producing the devices.
  2. People exposed to the sun. This is a huge population and device makers will need to segment the market and target early adaptors and people at risk.
  3. Public health organizations and the medical profession. Due to the cost in treating skin cancer and related medical issues, the government and the medical profession have an interest in educating people about the risks of prolonged UV exposure and skin care.


  1. Technical developments/product enhancements and production of the devices.
  2. Market distribution for broad retail access.
  3. Marketing/education. Information about the devices, how they work, and the benefits to be widely distributed to promote sales and change behaviors.

Link to the article: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/06/16/wearable-devices-to-prevent-sunburn/?_r=0

Jean Hamerman

2 thoughts on “Wearable Devices to Prevent Sunburn

  1. Excellent idea! It seems like simple preventative solutions like this will help reduce heath care costs in the short term (ER visits) and long term (cancer incidence), which ultimately will benefit NYC Health and Hospitals.


  2. This is a very interesting technology, I had no previous knowledge that sun protection devices existed. I believe this technology can be extremely useful in our society today. Using this device allow us to understand where the hotspots are for sun burnt victims and find areas where to promote education and awareness.


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