Hacking City Hall Part 1

1) Sustainability problem: Underutilized properties/vacant lots in Newark, NJ.
Area of sustainability: Civic engagement

2) Summary

  • Mobile technology, social media and smartphone apps can be used to improve the delivery of government services.
  • People have very defined needs and government services are not efficient at providing for these needs.
  • Complicated property processes regarding code enforcement and building permits makes it difficult for people to make informed decisions about the future of vacant properties.
  • CivicInsight is a mobile application that provides up-to-date information on vacant properties so that communities can access easier ways to make improvements on vacant properties.
    Article: It’s Time To Hack the City Hall from readwrite.com

3) Organizational stakeholders include: Department of Economic and Housing Development of Newark, NJ and CivicInsight.co, NGOs, businesses, property developers.

4) First 3 steps in deploying this technology in Newark

  • Digitize all necessary information in the Department of Economic and Housing Development
  • Provide press release on technology deployment to inform the public on the accessibility of information through this application
  • Monitor customer feedback responses to fix bugs within the software and potentially expand usage of mobile application to other departments.

One thought on “Hacking City Hall Part 1

  1. This is a great example of how mobile apps will streamline government activities and to make it easier for people to communicate with officials, get information, pay taxes and fees, and access services.


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