This Billboard Sucks Pollution from the Sky and Returns Purified Air


  1. The problem is air quality. Air quality is closely correlated to childhood asthma, and other respiratory health complications.


  1. Article title- This Billboard Sucks Pollution from the Sky and Returns Purified Air

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  • The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) developed a billboard to scrub contaminated air in the City as Lima, Peru has the highest air pollution levels in all of South America according to the World Meteorological Association.
  • The billboard sign uses the shifts in temperature, pressure and vacuum to combine incoming air with water to capture dust, metal vapors, germs and bacteria.
  • The single sign at the intersection of Bajada Armendariz and Paseo de la Republica scrubs about 500,000 cubic meters of air a week eliminating 99% of airborne bacteria.
  • The billboard requires he same amount of power as running a small emergency generator and can have impacts reaching up to 5 city blocks


  1. Citizens of the city, construction site workers, landscape managers, and local municipalities in areas experiencing severe air quality degradation because of smog and construction


  1. Steps for deploying the technology:
  2. Third party verification of the billboards capabilities
  3. Market the technology to strategic organizations in an effort to partner with construction and health care companies
  4. Lobby for regulations requiring new construction and industrial areas to only be allowed pollution scrubbing billboards within the immediate vicinity.


2 thoughts on “This Billboard Sucks Pollution from the Sky and Returns Purified Air

  1. “The university adds that it’s using the extracted materials as an opportunity to analyze the residual pollutants, presumably to get a better read on pollutant specifics with an eye toward building even more thorough billboards down the road.”


  2. Thanks for sharing this solution, this is truly interesting and innovative. I found interesting the multiple functions of the board regarding air pollution : purify, inform, analyse, last after construction.
    If it is proved to be as efficient as UTEC says, this technology should be considered by construction company as a key tool to get their licence to operate within a community, thus tangibly improving their ESG rating.
    The remark of UTEC regarding educating engineers that are sensitive to social needs and able to solve society’s problems is also essential to me.


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