Enevo: Waste Collection for Smart Cities

Category: Waste 

  1. Problem: Waste collection can be inefficient, expensive, noisy, polluting, and hard on roads and vehicles.
  2. Summary: http://www.enevo.com 
    • Comprehensive logistics technology that saves time, money, and is environmentally beneficial.
    • Uses wireless sensors to measure and forecast how full waste receptacles are and uses that information to create smart collection plans with the best schedules and routes.
    • Direct cost-savings can be up to 50%.
    • “Until now collecting waste has been done using static routes and schedules where containers are collected every day or week regardless of if they are full or not.”
    • Reduces costs, emissions, road wear, vehicle wear, noise pollution and work hours.
  3. Stakeholders
    • Enevo and its investors
    • City planners
    • City government
    • Residents
  4. Deployment 
    • Incentivize waste management companies to use the service
    • Design waste management contracts with Enevo
    • Scale up deployment

3 thoughts on “Enevo: Waste Collection for Smart Cities

  1. This is cool! It sounds like it could quickly apply to public trash recepticals on the street, but I wonder if there is a way to use this to solve curb collection of household trash.


  2. This is a great technology that can benefit communities who have stringent policies on waste diversion and those who are just starting out.


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