Google and the Driverless Car

1.) The sustainability problem is Safety and Health: Across major cities everywhere, thousands of people are killed every year due to wreckless, thoughtless drivers. How do we make city streets safer? 2.)

  • Google has recently doubled the number of driverless cars they have permits for in California to 48
  • The new permits are for a new fleet of cars that they are in the process of testing
  • Google has published a report listing the details of the car accidents for all of their autonomous vehicle collisions
  • All of the accidents have been a consequence of human error, and not the vehicles themselves
  • Autonomous Vehicles can be leveraged to make roads safer all throughout the world and reduce the number of victims due to unsafe drivers
  • Article Title: Google’s Driverless Car Fleet More Than Doubles In A Month
  • Website: Value Walk
  • Link:
  • Brand Name: Google
  • Technology Name: Autonomous Cars

3.) Stakeholders:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Federal Motor Carrier Saftey Administration
  • National Highway and Traffic Saftey Administration
  • Major Insurance companies
  • All people using technology

4.) First 3 steps to deployment:

  • Step 1 – Complete regulatory reguirements and testing for vehicle safety
  • Step 2 – Collaborate with a select set of small, low traffic cities and monitor accidents
  • Step 3 – If the autonomous vehicles are performing safely, then roll out to other cities

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