Google’s Next Moonshot: Lining City Streets with Wi-Fi Hubs

Google’s Side Walk Labs kicks off with Project to Bring Free Wi-Fi to New York City.

The article link:

Problem: New York to offer free wireless Internet access and local services and information on wireless hubs to replace New York’s derelict pay phone booths, the project is named as LinkNYC initiative.

Technology: Google X experimental research lab to build free Wi-FI wireless hubs in New York City. The overhauled kiosks will offer free 24/7 gigabit Wi-FI within a 150-foot radius, free calls to anywhere within the U.S., a touchscreen tablet interface offering information on city services and attractions, charging functionality for mobile devices, and a digital display showing ads and public service announcements.

Summary: Google recently launched Sidewalk Labs, a new company “will help make cities connected places where you can walk down any street and access free ultra high-speed Wi-Fi, find transit and way finding information, access information about city services in NYC.”

Stakeholders: New York City government, Google’s Sidewalk Lab, the New York Sustainable Business Council, and the public.

Implementation of Technology: 

  • Choose few areas throughout the city below 70th street, where most tourists and population density are located, and  partner with city department of transportation (DOT) distributor and deploy the solution as a one-year pilot project on its more touristy regions and streets.
  • Measure and promote the cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage, and public services.
  • Scale-up the initiative simultaneously throughout NYC and celebrate results in terms of energy usage and positive feedbacks from city’s residents and tourists.
  • Public education and PR campaigns: Government relations campaign office to promote LinkNYC initiative, press releases on NYC will transform thousands of city’s payphone kiosks into Wi-Fi hotspots, with the aim of improving life in cities for everyone through the application of technology to solve urban problems.

2 thoughts on “Google’s Next Moonshot: Lining City Streets with Wi-Fi Hubs

    • The public access payphones in NYC has been left out of the city as almost everyone is using mobile phones nowdays. It is a smart way to converting the payphone kiosks into Wi-Fi hotspots, especially for foreign tourists who have no free internet access on their mobile devices during their traveling in NYC. Not only it can provide free access to Wi-Fi, it’s building a smart city in an environmental friendly manner.


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