Portable solar LED lanterns

Personal lanternFamily Lantern

As we discussed in class, about 1.3 billion people lack access to grid electricity, and up to 2 billion lack access to reliable electricity.

d.light was founded in 2006 to deliver safe, bright, clean lighting, through both personal LED solar lanterns and micro-grid solutions for homes and businesses. The features below focus on the personal, portable lanterns.


  • The high-efficiency, integrated solar panels enables the d.light S2 and S20 LED lanterns to charge even on cloudy days, and the lanterns are 3x brighter than a kerosene lamp
  • Low-cost: the individual d.light S2 Learning Light is currently $16 on Amazon.com; the d.light S20 Family Lantern is $17.24
  • Both lanterns are portable & lightweight, with at least 4 hours of light when charged (S20 gives up to 8 hours on the lower light setting)

3) Organizational stakeholders: NGOs working in developing nations, homes that lack access to grid electricity, schools, hospitals, etc.

4) Steps to increase deployment:

  1. Reach out to additional NGOs working in developing nations
  2. Partner with US schools that would like to provide students in developing nations with solar lanterns to allow them to learn outside of school/daylight hours
  3. Focus on additional dealers in all nations, as additional sales of the lanterns in developed nations to environmentally-conscious consumers could help fund deployment in other countries

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