The Cozy – Radiator Labs


Issue: Energy

Tenants lack control over temperature in their own space during heating season. This may lead to overheating of tenant-occupied spaces.

Technology Solution:

– The Cozy acts as a thermostat that can be controlled by the tenant. This will allow for tenants to use building heat only when it is needed.

– The Cozy system is controlled by an app that can allow all Cozy’s in a building to communicate with each other. This means that if one tenant unit is overheated and another tenant unit requires heat, the Cozy can redirect radiator heat as needed.

– Radiator Labs estimates that the Cozy can save an apartment building 30-40% of their heating energy consumption.


Tenant, building managers, utility

Next Steps:

– Prepare a back of the envelope payback calculation

– Ensure Cozy will work with your building’s system

– Install Cozy!


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