Detroit’s Smarter Grid

1) Issue: Infrastructure

2) Tech summary

  • The city of Detroit’s power utility company, DTE Energy, has partnered with Tollgrade Communications to make its grid more reliable and resilient.
  • Tollgrade’s LightHouse MV Smart Grid Sensors and Predictive Grid Analytics platform were installed at key substations throughout the distribution network.
  • These sensors send back real time data to DTE that allow its operations team to predict outages and address line failures in a targeted way.
  • DTE also believes that this technology will improve crew safety during storm outages by providing accurate information about which parts of the grid are powered-down and which are still live.
  • Article: A Smarter Grid in the Motor City from Harvard’s Data-Smart Cities

3) Stakeholders: energy consumers, energy utilities, businesses

4) Steps for deployment

  • Partner with tech company to procure grid sensors and predictive analytics platform, like Tollgrade’s product.
  • Develop pilot program to install technology throughout the grid system.
  • Collect and analyze data and scale the program.

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