A Nifty Device to Stop Cars From Driving Too Close to Bikes


1. Problem

Safety and Health: Vehicles and bikes have trouble sharing the road causing thousands of accidents each year. In many states vehicles are supposed to give bicyclist at least 3 feet of clearance when passing but that is rarely this case. Furthermore, it is difficult for police to enforce this law.

2. Technology:

  • Codaxus developed a device called BSMART that is mounted on a bikes handlebar and measures the distance between the bike and a passing car through ultrasonic waves.
  • When a vehicle comes closer than 36 inches, BSMART beeps—altering the rider.
  • The device creates a large digital display that includes a GoPro camera that detects and record the vehicle’s proximity to a bike.
  • Currently used by Chattanooga police to enforce the “3 feet clearance law.”

3. Stakeholders:

  • Codaxus
  • City Police Departments
  • Biking Community

4. Implementation:

  • Coordinate with the biking community to identify busy vehicle and biking routes
  • City police department should develop a Bicycling 101 course for offenders
  • Develop and implement community awareness campaign

One thought on “A Nifty Device to Stop Cars From Driving Too Close to Bikes

  1. This is a problem I have given some thought to and I like the intent. A caveat though, it doesn’t stop cars from driving too close, unfortunately, it just alerts the rider the cars are too close. I am presuming the Chattanooga police are willing to accept the devices recording IF the rider reports it. . . and has the license #? This requires defendant/rider to take steps after the fact, not in the moment, and I suppose would only be effective if motor vehicle drivers have a cultural shift after and word gets around of fines and internally begin altering behavior preventitively to avoid police fines.


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