Head Up Displays Can Improve Driving Efficiency

1) There is a great need to improve the efficiency of motorists including decision making and distraction limitation when behind the wheel.

2) Head Up display is a technology that visually projects data onto the windshield of a car as illustrated below.

  • This technology can be synced with apps such as Waze to project information to help drivers anticipate the upcoming roadway conditions
  • Settings for speed monitoring, navigation and parking can be illuminated
  • Possibility to connect this technology with long-range sensors that can detect and highlight upcoming animals to prevent roadkill population
  • Can be used as a safer alternative for communication rather than mobile devices

Can head up displays really improve driver safety ?

Article: Can head up displays really improve driver safety?

Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2015/07/01/driver-safety-better-off-with-without-head-up-displays/#ixzz3elmgw73F

3) Stakeholders who would be involved in the use and implementation of this technology include: Car manufacturers, drivers, shipping companies, DOT, insurance companies, variety of app developers

4) In order for this technology to be deployed, studies and tests would need to be conducted to evaluate the impact of usage for the driver. Upon the result of positive results, it would then need to be further evaluated by the regulating government authorities who would create policy on usage, function and application specifications. Then the technology would need to be standardized, produced and installed.


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