Micro Turbine Technology

Category: Energy 

  1. Problem: Domestic energy production is often not very efficient.
  2. Summary:
    •  A heating system that also produces electricity.
    • Produces 3 kW electric power and can reduce energy bills by 20-25%.
    • Meets environmental standards with little noise and low exhaust emissions.
    • Can use a range of fuels, including natural gas, propane, heating oil and biogas.
    • “The potential of low cost micro gas turbines as a ‘prime mover’ for converting small scale thermal energy into mechanical/electrical power is enormous.”
  3. Stakeholders 
    • Micro Turbine Technology BV (MTT) and its investors
    • Homeowners, commercial interests, retailers, etc.
    • Partners (industrial, energy distribution/utility companies)
  4. Deployment
    • Create partnerships, particularly with energy distribution/utility companies
    • Incentivize potential users to adopt the turbines where feasible
    • Purchase and installation by users

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