MIT CityCar


As cities are growing the demand of cars is also growing. If we continue with the same trend by 2050 there could be more than 2 billion cars concentrated in cities. This fact not only causes mobility problems but also have a tremendous impact on environment, current examples of this problem are cities like Mexico or Beijing.

One potential solution to this problem is Electric Vehicles such as Tesla Motors, in fact now almost every automaker has a version of Electric Vehicle. One promising alternative is the CityCar or MIT CityCar an urban concept car designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. The idea is to supplement public transportation systems. 


The advantage of the CityCar goes beyond the energy savings. The CityCar weights less than 1,000 pounds and is 60% the size of a Smart Car. Its concept was developed as the cleanest, economical and sustainable solution to meet the demand for personal urban mobility in densely populated cities.

This is an all-electric four wheel vehicle for two passengers, each wheel is independently digitally controlled with its own wheel motor that enables them to move in different directions and speed this gives the vehicle more precise maneuverability. The vehicle is designed to fold in the parking lodge and it has a front entry, thus it also saves parking space.


The idea is to produce the car massively, to do so we need the following stakeholders:

  • MIT’s Technology Media Lab
  • A Vehicle Mass Producer: it has to be a company interested in selling green solution to public; an example of this can be Ford Motors.


Since the prototype already exists once we have the partner we can decide the market where we start, options are China and the USA then we can start the first mass production of the car. This has to be joined with a marketing campaign.


The CityCar video

CityCar green revolution

Reinventing the car


One thought on “MIT CityCar

  1. Step 5 – A really fascinating part of this car is that the motors are actually in the wheels, which allows them to save a lot of space and discard the need for a motor.

    The vehicle is able to fold vertically and shrink by size in half. The vehicle doesn’t use a traditional wheel and uses a joystick instead. They also incorporate a large set of technology inside the vehicle (e.g., automatic music settings, adjustable colors, home settings, etc.).


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