Modified Atmosphere Packaging eliminating unnecessary food waste.


1) Most food is lost through poor handling, storage, and spoilage in transportation and this waste can be reduced through improved modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

2) “Tackling the Food Waste Challenge with Technology” Modified Atmosphere

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (Map) – a technology that substitutes the atmosphere inside a package with a protective gas mix, typically a combination of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen – to extend freshness.
  • Map has been applied to over 1,000 small-scale farmers, resulting in reductions in post-harvest food waste from 30-40% to 15-20%.
  • Particularly useful in preserving fresh fruit and vegetables that have high water content that is also conserved for useful human consumption.

3) Stakeholders include small scale farmers with direct access to markets, wholesalers and distributors between commercial farms and processors, distributors between processors and retailers, consumers, and waste management providers.


  1. Identify candidate among stakeholders most interested in purchasing, and able to pay, for MAP products.
  2. Prepare additional informational material for other stakeholders along the vertical product line.
  3. Pursue research to increase MAP efficiency with current food recommendations to enhance freshness longevity.

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