3D Printed Organs Help Doctors Save Lives

Article: Surgeon’s Helper: 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Health Care

Category: Safety and Health
Technology: 3D printer is revolutionizing medicine

– 3D printed organs can help doctors practice operating on difficult surgeries
– 3D printed prosthetics is only a fraction of the cost of traditional prosthetics (Traditional transradial prosthetics cost about $10,000+ per device with 3D printing this is only a few hundred dollars)
– 3D printer technology allows for personalized medicine – patients can easily acquire unique parts quickly and cheaply


– 3D printer designers, engineers
– hospital staff: doctors, nurses, technicians, management, etc.
– patients
– insurance companies

Step 1: Hospital Management collaborate with 3D Print Companies to either sign a contract or buy the equipment
Step 2: Discuss technology with insurance companies so that they can appropriately price the technology for patients and any liabilities
Step 3: Discuss technology with patients


2 thoughts on “3D Printed Organs Help Doctors Save Lives

  1. There is no question that this is groundbreaking technology. I think it’s important to understand the chemicals and materials used within the 3D printed organs and potential negative consequences when disposing of byproducts and when inserted into human beings.


  2. This is amazing – in addition to the huge cost savings, reducing operating time and risk of complications has the potential to really improve patient outcomes.


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