Energy – World’s Tallest Passive House

1) The problem is Energy.  CO2 is generated by natural gas and contributes to global warming.



Article title – World’s Tallest Passive House Breaks Ground on Roosevelt Island

Website name – The New York Times

Website link –

Name of technology/brand – geothermal

What the technology does – Geothermal harnesses the heat retained in the earth to create energy.

How the technology addresses the problem – The technology will reduce the building’s reliance on natural gas.


3) Stakeholders that will need to use the technology include Cornell Tech facility managers and the installers/maintenance team from the geothermal company.


4) Three steps to deploying this technology include:

Step 1 – Determining a budget

Step 2 – Determining a timeline

Step 3 – Discuss options with vendors


One thought on “Energy – World’s Tallest Passive House

  1. Construction of the world’s tallest Passive House just started in June! The 26-story residential building will be located on the new Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island and will house students, faculty, and staff. This building is expected to use 70% less energy than a conventional high rise!


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