NYC Garbage Problem

Recommended Solution

Exclusive Collection Centers : areas designated for residential trash disposal; DSNY trucks will only go to collection centers to pick; data system to record accurate info.Zoning
Use current pick-up zones. Each zone will have collection centers – quantity depending on current demand

Data Collection
All received trash will be weighed and associated with a unique waste disposal ID, which includes name, location, type of business (if applicable), and will track trash disposal patterns. New Yorkers must create a personal profile ID and PIN No.

DSNY Pick-Up: Semi-Automated Process
Garbage trucks will only pick-up trash from the collection center. Recyclable and refuse waste days remain. Trash will be collected on a timely schedule and adjusted based on demand.

Who’s involved (Stakeholders)?

  • Community
    (anyone who dumps trash in the street): residential, commercial, small business
  • Government departments for planning/implementing:
    Dept of Sanitation NYC, DOT – Urban planning department, EPA, NYC Business Integrity Commission
  • Labor unions
    Action Carting and Progressive Waste Solutions (formerly IESI), are fully unionized; their New York City refuse collection truck workers are represented by several unions including the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the United Workers of America
  • Government departments
    DSNY picks up garbage from all city agencies
  • City Council
    To enact long-term policy change


  • Cost Savings
  • Cleaner streets (due to leaking bags)
  • Reduced rodent problem
  • Reduced labor costs = savings for the city
  • Reduced job-related injuries for DSNY
  • Better for the environment
    • More efficient driving routes: reduction in vehicle emissions
    • Trucks only drive with full loads, reduced number of trucks to pick up garbage

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