Facebook is building a massive wind-powered data center in Texas

  1. Problem: Energy
    1. Data centers for major organizations (e.g., Facebook, Google, Amazon) require extraordinary amounts of computation power, this results in a high demand for energy.
    2. Technology Solution: Facebook is leveraging sustainable energy to expand their data centers in Foth Worth, Texas.
    3. Article
  2. Summary
    1. Data center will improve global model for desktop and mobile. Initiative will also benefit the philanthropic endeaver to give free internet to people in emerging markets
    2. Data center is going to be three 250,000-square-foot buildings sprawled across the 111-acres
    3. Data center will be 100% powered by 200 megawatts of wind energy
    4. The Forth Worth data center will be Facebook’s fifth data center
    5. Facebook plans on creating at least 40 jobs in Fort Worth to help boost the local economy and maintain the data center
  3. Stakeholders
    1. Facebook
    2. Texas local govenrment
    3. Residents of Fort Worth, Texas
  4. Deployment
    1. Continue production of data center
    2. Incorporate newer technology to ensure future modifications are “easy”
    3. Leverage additional renewable energy resources to assit in the cooling of the machines
    4. Roll out to other data centers as expansion continues

One thought on “Facebook is building a massive wind-powered data center in Texas

  1. It is good news that an industry leader turns to 100% renewable sources in a sector that is so energy intensive, thus setting a precedent that will encourage other players to turn to green energy. It would have been interesting to know if the power will be generated by on-site turbines or bought from wind-energy suppliers and if the constraints that prevented Facebook from wind-powering its four other infrastructure were only financial or also technical – mentality shift vs technological innovation.
    In addition, the physical impact of Forth Worth (111 acres!) leads us to wonder what will be the total surface occupied by Facebook’s and other Internet players’ data centers in the future, considering that demand is expected to keep growing at a fast rate in the coming years while land will become more and more scarce.
    In short, both energy and land-use intensity concerns raise the question of data centers’ hardware and software optimization.


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