It’s like Uber, but for Trash

Sustainable Problem – Waste. There are many garbage companies that strike contracts with local governments and set their own pickup schedules. This system prevents smaller hauling companies to compete with multibillion dollar enterprises, allows customers to be vulnerable to high costs, and leads to inefficient pick up of trash (trucks not filled to its maximum capacity when returning to the landfill/center).

Article – Wired: Silicon Valley Wants to Disrupt Your Trash (Click here)

  • Rubicon Global is working on an app for residents to schedule a garbage pickup; similar to their current app for large companies. This tech platform connects small, local haulers with major companies that want to cut down on their garbage costs and increase their recycling efforts.
  • Rubicon takes stock of a company’s trash flow and sells valuable materials off to recycling and up cycling partners across the Nation. Pricing for residents/companies vary based on the trash volume picked up and availability of drivers.
  • Their system reduces the cost of garbage collection and is a new way to recycle materials that would otherwise get dumped in a landfill

Organizational Stakeholders: Sanitation department, trash hauling companies (both local and multibillion dollar enterprises), residents, home owners, facility managers, building managers, and building tenants.

Steps of Deployment

  1. Determine neighborhoods ideal for a pilot program for the residential app. Take into consideration the resident/business density of the area, average trash disposed, current trash pickup system and community concerns
  2. Engage with small local trash pickups and trash and recycling centers. Determine their concerns that can be addressed through this app.
  3. Determine a strategic outreach plan to engage the community to use this app.

One thought on “It’s like Uber, but for Trash

  1. Great post! I totally agree. Sometimes I don’t want to be throwing certain things away because it’s in okay condition but at the same time, don’t want to deal with the hassle of reselling it myself. The company that picks up my trash to also take functional things to give to others is a great idea.


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