June 2015 – A great month for Passive House! North America’s largest Passive House opens in Oregon

1) Energy – We currently rely on a finite energy source. We are quickly running out of fossil fuels, and they are polluting our earth and harming its inhabitants at the same time.

2) Article: North America’s largest ‘passive house’ opens in Hillsboro, and it’s actually 57 affordable homes

Source: Oregon Live

Link: http://www.oregonlive.com/business/index.ssf/2015/06/north_americas_largest_passive.html

  • North America’s largest Passive House just opened in Oregon (and construction of the world’s tallest Passive House just started on Roosevelt Island!  Read here)
  • The Oregon housing complex was built for low-income residents and only cost 10% more to build than a similar conventional project.
  • The Oregon housing complex will use 70% less energy than its conventional counterpart
  • Passive House is a German building standard which focuses on airtight, well-insulated buildings

3) Stakeholders: Realtors, Property Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Construction Material Manufacturers, Construction Materials Retailers, General Contractors, Lending Institutions, Renters, Property Management Companies, Utility Companies

4) To deploy:

  • Work with Building Departments to push for more stringent building codes
  • Work with engineers, architects, property developers, and contractors to train them on the Passive House standard
  • Plan and design Passive House buildings

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