Flooring that saves lives

1) Safety and Health

2) Brand: Emergency Floor

Article title: This ‘Emergency Floor’ Is Going To Make Life Easier For Millions Of Refugees

Website name: Forbes

Link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/federicoguerrini/2015/07/06/low-cost-modular-emergency-floor-could-help-improve-the-lives-of-millions/2/

  • Emergency Flooring is made from recycled cargo pallets and a plastic covering that produces flooring for as little as $2 per square foot. It can be combined to fit any shelter
  • The technology is to ensure refugees with temporary housing do not have to sleep directly on the ground, exposed not only to the coldness of the soil (in harsh climates), but also to parasitic infections and other diseases that can easily spread if there’s no insulation.
  • They are in the last steps to finalize the latest prototype and produce tiles for field testing in Iraq and Nepal

3) Organizational stakeholders: USAID, UN, governments, cargo companies

4) 3 steps:

  1. Secure funding from governmental organizations like USAID
  2. Inform all NGO’s that deal with disaster relief about technology
  3. Work on business development with NGO’s to spread the use of this product

3 thoughts on “Flooring that saves lives

  1. I also like that this technology utilizes materials that are currently onsite, leading to less trash once the shelter sites use is discontinued. I think this technology may also lead to lower cost and fewer healthcare related illnesses and deaths during times of crisis and emergency relocation.


  2. The modularity of the technology allows it to be applied to any refugee sites, eliminating barriers such as size and dimension of the camps.


  3. This is such a great usage of resources – it’s a great way to benefit the communities by re-purposing cargo pallets. I like that technology is being used to help people live a bit better. It’s sad that there are millions of people who actually sleep on the floor as we speak. This is a great initiative to help at least some of these people living in these drastic conditions.


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