How Internet of Things Could Overhaul Office Sustainability

  1. The problem is implementation of IoT technologies into everyday use and the fields of energy, water, and waste.


  1. Article title- How Internet of Things Could Overhaul Office Sustainability

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  • Intel’s IoT platform now enables end-to-end solutions connecting billions of devices. The new platform allows data to be unlocked quicker for real time analytics of meaningful information.
  • The company PsiKick manufactures ultralow-power sensors and the owner compares the advent of IoT technologies to the release of the World Wide Web in the 90’s. “It [IoT] will fundamentally change how we do things, at the same scale as the World Wide Web in the 90’s.”
  • In 2015, 4.9 billion connected things will be in use, up 30% from 2014, with a 2020 projection of 25 million connected things in use
  • Don DeLoach , CEO of Infobright, which offers IoT data analytics platform warns of security breaches with the exponential growth of access points and alerts of a need to slow down the process and make sure loops are closed before “solutions” are pushed out to the consumer
  • The more data an organization has on its consumers, the smarter and more strategic their moves can be in building future capacities that satisfy consumer needs/wants.


  1. Stakeholders: Building owners, municipalities, everyday consumers (whether they are aware of the technology in their pen or not), data analytics firms, sensor and IoT device manufacturers,


  1. Steps for deploying the technology:
  2. The market and consumers need to be able to make smart use from the big data through algorithms. Without the analytics portion drawn up there is just a whole bunch of data points with no significance.
  3. Market the technology to strategic organizations in an effort to partner with contingents and stakeholders who can benefit from the technology the most and allows for additional R&D
  4. Push for marketplace-wide standards that allow and build civilian trust in the technology



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