Smart Sensor Pills-Hellius

Problem: 50% of prescribed medication is not taken as directed, potentially limiting the therapeutic effectiveness of the medicine due to an unnecessary escalation of treatment.

Article title: Smart Sensor Pills: Helius – Support care delivery throughout the treatment cycle


Summary: Helius is an example of a unique technology in health care service industry. It is a new “Digital Health Feedback System” created by Redwood City based Proteus Digital Health that uses a small patch worn on the body working together with 1mm sensor-enabled pills and a backend cloud service to provide real-time information on a users medication adherence.

How it works?

The technology connects patients with their medical providers using novel ingestible sensors powered by the body’s natural compounds. A specialized wearable sensor attached to the body and then connected by Bluetooth technology to a smartphone or a tablet can then provide real-time feedback relative to the effects of specific medications (heart rate, activity level.)


To integrate medicines that treat chronic conditions with mobile technology – via ingestible sensor to make healthcare more accessible, manageable and innovative.


  • Insurers,
  • Healthcare companies,
  • Physicians,
  • Patients, patients with chronic medical illness, such as emphysema, diabetes, or congestive heart failure.
  • Pharmaceutical developers.
  • Other Healthcare stakeholders
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers

Steps for deploying the technology:

  • Partner with health science medication centers to enable clinical trails for a period of 3 – 6 months testing.
  • Record the results during clinical trails.
  • Analyze and study data collection and captured accurate medication ingestion information.

Company Website:

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