The Finite Faucet

Finite Faucet

1) As water shortages become more widespread due to droughts, population growth, etc., new technologies for water conservation are needed.

2) Finite Faucet is a new design for a water-saving public restroom faucet installation.

  • Based on CDC guidelines for handwashing that only require two short bursts of water – once to wet your hands, and once again to rinse off the soap
  • The Finite Faucet is made almost exclusively of reclaimed metals, plastics, and parts, and can be fully recycled again at end of lifespan
  • When you turn on the Finite Faucet, it drains until it is empty, and must be turned off to refill
  • Upper cylinder acts as a visual reminder of water usage
  • Refilling water acts as timer for scrubbing your hands (20 seconds)

3) Organizational stakeholders: facilities managers in corporate offices, airports and other transportation facilities, etc.

4) Steps to deploy:

  • Contact management at airports scheduled for renovation, to include Finite Faucet as part of the project
  • Estimate costs and develop plan to retrofit restrooms in office buildings
  • Identify corporate partners for pilot projects in office buildings

2 thoughts on “The Finite Faucet

  1. This is a great passive way to encourage behavioral change to use less water. However, I do see an issue in restrooms that experience high volume – the additional time it takes to refill the water after your rinse your hands would queue a line. I would include an additional step to conduct an occupant simulation to determine the number of faucets necessary in high-volume areas.


  2. Faucet promotes proper hand-washing, uses just 12% of the water used in an average faucet, is made of 85% recycled material and is 93.5% recyclable.


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