New Routes for Singapore

Sustainability area: Mobility and civic engagement
Sustainability problem: Commuters need more efficient ways to get to their destination using public transportation.

Article:  “New app concept crowd-sources demand, lets users create own bus routes” on Straits Times Singapore website

  • The Beeline app is a crowd sourcing transport app.
  • Allows commuters to have a personalizeded, faster, more efficient commute to their destination.
  • The feasibility of the app is being tested by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore and Land Transport Authority.
  • Based on route popularity, a private bus service will be activated.
  • These routes are envisioned to be adaptive – allowing revision of routes in response to different commuter needs.

Note: To ensure that this works in the best manner possible, there has to be a large participation of commuters. the IDA will also have to consider other questions such as (a) will there be a reduction of the public transportation’s fleet of buses?, (b) will this increase congestion?, (c) are the routes designed to be fuel efficient?, (d) what is the minimum capacity of the route before a bus is dispatched?, etc.

Organizational stakeholders include Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, Infocomm Development Authority, app engineers, commuters, data analytic, and traffic control centers.

Steps for deploying this technology:
(This app is still in the test phase, therefore the proceeding steps will take this into account)

1. Advertise the initiative through multiple platforms such as social media, local news stations, public radio broadcasts, and print advertisements to encourage public engagement.
2. Observe trends of route requests and optimize routes that caters to the most people in the most efficient manner possible. 3. Provide a few private bus services for the test phase.
4. Collect information and feedback for improvements.
5. If beeline proves to be a solution, the app can be used by the public transportation department for their own fleets as an attempt to diversify their service.


One thought on “New Routes for Singapore

  1. I really appreciate how much engagement they encourage through this program/app, I think that is critical to ensure it’s effective as possible. I also think that they should continually loop-back and collect feedback to update and improve the optimization.


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