Waylay enables smart traffic management for the city of Ghent

  1. The problem is traffic and lost time as a result of congestion.


  1. Article title- Waylay enables smart traffic management for the city of Ghent

Website name- waylay.io

Link- http://www.waylay.io/waylay-enables-smart-traffic-management-for-the-city-of-ghent/


  • Waylay is working to implement connected IoT to make it truly predictive and real time interface for traffic in Ghent.
  • Waylay is working to build a smart road that uses sensors in various areas to actively predict and reroute travelers as well as send real time updates automatically, as the current system still requires manual inputs for particular traffic situations
  • Waylay leverages Twitter to inform constituents and uses DATEX II, which is the European standard created for information exchange between traffic control centers (TCC)
  • Waylay also help the TCC personnel on the back end informing them of anomalies as they are detected


  1. Stakeholders: Ghent residence and municipalities, the traffic control centers, commuters, taxi drivers, data analytics firms, sensor and IoT device manufacturers,


  1. Steps for deploying the technology:
  2. Third party verification of the data being presented and released via the designed algorithms and application
  3. Market the technology to strategic organizations in an effort to partner with contingents and stakeholders who can benefit from the technology the most and allows for additional R&D
  4. Continue to develop and integrate sensors in novel areas so the input is passive and reliable.

One thought on “Waylay enables smart traffic management for the city of Ghent

  1. Great article. I’d be interested in who pays for the implementation and how much the technology costs to maintain.


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