Week 6 – Energy – Tesla Powerwall

1) The problem is Energy.  Photovoltaic cells only produce energy when the sun is shining.



Article title – 6 ways the Tesla Powerwall is changing the energy landscape

Website name – The Inhabitant

Website link – http://inhabitat.com/6-ways-the-tesla-powerwall-is-changing-the-energy-landscape/Name of technology/brand – geothermal

What the technology does – stores solar energy

How the technology addresses the problem – A traditional drawback of solar energy is that it isn’t available around the clock, since it can only be generated during daylight hours and depends upon favorable weather conditions. The Powerwall battery changes that by enabling energy to be stored up when the sun is shining brightly and then consumed later, even when solar panels aren’t operating. This means users won’t need to rely on old-school electricity suppliers since they’ll be able to tap into their stored solar energy at any time.


3) Stakeholders include Tesla, solar manufacturer’s/installers, firefighters, and utility companies.

4) Three steps to deploying this technology include:

Step 1 – Determine market (residential vs. commercial)

Step 2 – Determine pricing/financing

Step 3 – Engage primary stakeholders (solar manufacturer’s/installers & utility companies)


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