Great-looking outfit made completely from garbage


technology: recycled garbage

Brand: Adidas, Nike, G-Star

Title: It’s now possible to get a great-looking outfit made completely from garbage

Website name: Quartz


  1. Popular brands are popularizing the eco-friendly frontier by using garbage to create fashion
  2. Adidas’s collaboration with environmental group Parley for the Oceans made the above picture with ocean debris
  3. G-Star used recycled plastic to make denim with no visually discernible difference between real denim and recycled plastic denim

Organizational stakeholders: United Nations, fashion retailers, Parley for the Oceans, NGOs, consumers, marketers

3 steps

  1. Have celebrities/models wear garbage-made clothing to set the trend
  2. Use intelligent PR and marketing firms to further popularize this trend using viral campaigns and instagram
  3. Have all the retailers begin using garbage for clothes instead of regular materials

One thought on “Great-looking outfit made completely from garbage

  1. I like the intent here, though I have a couple concerns. The reusable waste does not really divert the “waste” stream as it re-purposes the “plastics” stream. The plastics stream already is already saleable to different plastic producers so I’m not sure if this is actually changing the numbers as it doesn’t contend with separation, but finding another end-user for the plastic stream. Only if the plastic sale price is higher for fashion, than say recycled toothbrushes, could it encourage more plastic to end up in the proper stream based on economics but this is indirect.


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