New and Improved Option for In-City Deliveries

electric truck

(1) Problem

Category is Mobility. Perspective is city’s transportation department on behalf of mayor’s office.

City truck traffic accounts for tremendous air and noise pollution. EPA estimates that truck traffic accounts for 20% of GHG in the transportation sector, though they comprise only 5% of vehicles on the road. Truck pollution disrupts ecosystems, contributes to municipal CO2 footprints, and reduces quality of life.

(2) Summary

  • BMW Group and SCHERM developed and deployed the first all-electric tractor-trailer in Munich, Germany
  • The truck itself generates almost zero CO2 emission, air pollution, or noise pollution
  • Charging generates 11.8 tCO2e fewer per year than a standard diesel engine truck
  • The truck can run 60 miles per charge, which is sufficient for virtually all intra-city needs
  • Less noise and lower emissions will also make a city more attractive for residents; thus, strategically, better positioned for economic growth
  • This also represents the next step toward self-guided delivery vehicles connected to the grid for real-time data transfer

Phillips, A. 2015. “This 100 Percent Electric Eighteen-Wheeler Just Hit The Road In Germany.” ThinkProgress. Posted July 9, 2015.

(3) Stakeholders

  • Transportation department
  • Sustainability department
  • Unions/ delivery companies
  • Logistics companies (e.g., FedEx)

(4) Deployment

  • Closely monitor results from Munich
  • Gradually replace the city’s fleet with electric trucks
  • Use pending EPA programs to incentivize delivery companies, unions, and logistics companies to transition to electric trucks

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