New York Wants Google Maps to Discourage Left Turns


1. Problem:

Safety and Health: Each year several pedestrians are struck by vehicles while crossing the street. Left turns are especially dangerous to both pedestrians because they allow pedestrians and vehicles to use the same space at the same time. Last year, 17 pedestrians and three bicyclists were killed in New York by left-turning vehicles. NYC has the highest fatality rate for pedestrians struck by drivers making left turns.

2. Technology:

  • Google creating a “reduce left turns” routing option in Google Map
  • Essentially adding an additional feature to an existing app
  • NYC plans to partner with Google to make this route option a reality

3. Stakeholders:

  • NYC
  • Google
  • Drivers, Bicyclists, Pedestrians

4. Implementation:

  • Create a partnership with Google to creating new routing option
  • Identify areas possible route options based on traffic routes
  • Develop and implement community awareness campaign

2 thoughts on “New York Wants Google Maps to Discourage Left Turns

  1. I was supprised to find out that drones to become crime fighters by aiding UK police. Additionally, it was interesting that the left-turn reduction practice was adopted by UPS back in 2004; they found that making right turns to reach a destination rather than lefts saved time and gas.


  2. I also thought of the UPS practice of avoiding left turns – mainly for route efficiency and the savings in fuel costs. But I also wonder if they considered the reduction in injuries/deaths caused by their drivers (and the resulting law suits!). I’m sure there is an additional benefit of risk reduction here for UPS. All good things.


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