Solaroad utilizes Amsterdam solar energy bike paths.


1) Amsterdam makes use of extensive bicycle pathways to add energy and reduce waste in existing infrastructure.

2) “4 Innovative Solar Tech Projects From Around the World” TNO, Netherlands

  • 250 miles of Amsterdam bike paths, will have a protective glass layer on top, which shields the crystal silicon solar cells below the surface and enables bikers to ride over the panels.
  • 50 kWh per square meter each year, and the energy produced can be distributed throughout the grid, powering traffic lights, streetlights and even homes.
  • Smart system will maximize energy retention during peak daylight hours and store it for use overnight or during dark weather.

3) Stakeholders include tax payers, city planning, TNO Corporation, bicycle riders, city parks, private construction contractors.

4) Step 1: (Construction is underway) Make a comments section on a TNO or city website welcoming feedback on the alternative bicycle pathways while road surface replacement is underway.

Step 2: City of Amsterdam to assume or assign the task of advertising the website comments page to users.

Step 3: City Of Amsterdam to assign a trouble-shooting team to reply or respond to concerns with bicycle alternative paths inconveniencing riders during road surface transition.


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