1 in 3 New Cars in Norway are ELECTRIC!

1) Energy: We are in dire need of finding sustainable energy solutions in order to move away from the rapidly depleting fossil fuels.

2) Article: Norway’s approach to electric cars pays off in a big way
Website: Grist
Link: http://grist.org/list/norways-approach-to-electric-cars-pays-off-in-a-big-way/

  • In Norway, 8,112 new electric cars have been purchased so far in 2015, which means that every one in three new cars bought in Norway in 2015 has been electric.  In the US, 15,000 new electric cars have been sold so far in 2015, meaning one in every 100 new cars in the US has been electric.
  • Norwegians who opt for an electric car are given many benefits, including: they don’t have to pay VAT and purchase tax on the car (usually an additional 50% of the price of the car), they get FREE CHARGING, free parking, and free use of the bus lanes!
  • Norwegians are loving these benefits and responding in a big way.  As a result, the Norwegian government is now changing the benefits, since it will have a hard time keeping up with this kind of success.  Starting in 2018, electric car owners will have to start paying half of the road tax, and in 2020, they will start paying the road tax in full.

3) Organizational stakeholders: Norwegian citizens, Norwegian government, Norwegian companies, utility companies, energy providers, car manufacturers, car salespeople, charging station manufacturers and operators, parking lot owners, Department of Transportation, other countries who want to emulate Norway’s model, etc.

4) The first 3 steps in deploying this technology:

  • Continue to provide incentive opportunities for drivers to continue to purchase electric vehicles.
  • Provide incentives for car manufacturers and salespeople to expand the electric car market.
  • Assess ease and availability of charging stations and continue to expand for driver convenience.

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