Digital platform to streamline the U.S. Immigration process

Sustainable Problem – Civic Engagement; The current U.S. immigration process is strenuous and operates through a paper system, rather than digital. This process requires paper applications to be shuffled between multiple government agencies, which increase the chances of lost applications, slow down the process, and create a repetitive process for the applicant.

Article – How Better Tech Can Make the Immigration Process Less Sucky (WIRED) (Click here)

  • Along with the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State, the White House enlisted the help of the new U.S. Digital Service team to better streamline the immigration process with technology.
  • The recommendations, ranging from efficient multiple-fee processing system to data collection, are already being tested by government agencies. One of the recommendations takes the application process digital through, which will enable better and quicker collaboration between agencies.
  • This modern immigrant visa program is piloted this year at consulates in Montreal, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Sydney

Organizational Stakeholders: Federal agencies involved in the immigration process, first generation immigrants who have family overseas, overseas citizens and students who want to immigrate to the U.S., and citizens who need to renew their visas.

Steps of Deployment

  1. Monitor the progress to determine any inefficiencies, complaints, flaws, drawbacks, and opportunities for improvement
  2. Engage the users of this website to determine how it can be improved
  3. Upgrade the website and begin to determine how this platform can be used for other types of VISAs

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