Flare to Fuels

1. Issue: Energy Management

Gas flaring is one of the most challenging energy and environmental problems. Around 14.3 billion cubic feet of gas are flared worldwide per day, which represents a massive amount of global greenhouse gas emissions, and an immense waste of natural resources.

2. Summary:

The GasTechno process converts and monetizes flared or stranded natural gas, biogas, methane from coalmines, and landfill gas at an adaptable, mini-scale. A demonstration plant has been set up in Michigan, and is fully operational.

GasTechno process:

  • The natural gas liquids are removed for sale, and then a GasTechno plant is installed to convert the remaining methane and ethane into green fuel components – high-grade methanol, ethanol and formalin.
  • Pure CO2 is a secondary by-product of the process, and can be sold, converted to other products, or sequestered. This eliminates 89% of the original CO2.

3. Stakeholders:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • National energy policy makers
  • Environmental groups

4. Steps for deployment:

  • Scale up demonstration GasTechno plant sites in the United States.
  • Identify Early Adopter customers to implement the solution.
  • Deploy GasTechno solution in other countries with very high amounts of gas flaring, such as Russia, Nigeria, and Algeria.

News article: GasTechno

Technology: GasTechno.com


One thought on “Flare to Fuels

  1. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain energy from a source that is otherwise just going to waste and causing pollution. An 89% reduction of CO2 is a significant benefit to this technology. We’ve had the know-how to capture methane for years now, but unfortunately it has not been as widely practiced as it could be. Hopefully GasTechno will make this process even easier and more streamlined, so that it becomes a more widely used process.


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