Searching for water using Skytem technology


ScienceNordic – Helicopter technology to solve Indian water shortage – 2013-10-03

1) Sustainability problem: Water Shortage

India has a water shortage problem.  If the pilot program is successful it will help create a nationwide survey for Indian groundwater.

2) Summary

Danish scientists have developed technology which maps ground water as deep as 300 meters below sea level.  Electrical current created in a ring that hangs below the helicopter which creates a field that will generate wavelengths  depending on the soil type below the analytics and mathematical models will create a 3D image.  This enables the detection of groundwater.

3) Stakeholders

City Officials including leaders and their teams working on infrastructure such as a water and sewer solutions.  May also include private companies

4) Deployment

Review results of Company’s other projects

Assess pilot opportunities

Create a deployment strategy with timeline and cost estimates

4 thoughts on “Searching for water using Skytem technology

  1. This technology has a lot of potential and could significantly impact undeveloped regions. Does it look at the water quality at all? I’m curious if there are similar technologies already on the market.


  2. I agree with the comment above – it would be useful to include quality. Another thing to consider is how much this technology would cost and how to integrate it into the nation’s and city’s budget.


  3. Sometimes as we consider going smaller and smaller in our quest for ‘smart technology’ going bigger ends up being a solution too, as in this case! I am doing some research for another class on blue carbon (carbon sequestration characteristics of wetlands, marsh, water grass, etc), a relatively new area for carbon sequestration. Maybe this type of technology could be used to map the density of carbon in these types of ecosystems, as well! One question though, should one avoid being underneath one of these devices? Can it be harmful to wildlife and humans? 😉 Thanks for sharing this very interesting technology.


  4. While this is definitely a cool piece of technology, I cannot help but wonder the implications of finding new resources of water, especially those that require a lot of drilling to access it. By pushing the acquisition of resources further, it seems that we won’t believe/try to manage our current resources in a better way. India’s water shortage problem is not just a climate/natural problem – its exacerbated by bad management of water resources in general. I can see this technology being more helpful and positive in desert areas for small communities.


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