Singapore: The Smart Little Red Dot.

Problem: Use technology to allow commercial buildings to grow vegetables to overcome its resource constraints to become the world’s first Smart Nation.

The article:


Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) students created a solution called CorpCrops, which uses a combination of software and sensors to create a vegetable planter which can automatically control the temperature, light setting and nutrients required to grow greens in offices.

Replacing ornamental plants with these mini vegetable farms will enable the city-state to produce up to 76% of the vegetables it consumes, up from 6% today, which allows Singapore to become “less reliant on vegetable imports for the national survival, minimizing risk to food security.”



Singapore government

Smart Nation Program Office (SNPO).

City-State’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)

Commercial Buildings


Steps for deployment

  • Government funding to receive funds for the technology, services, data analytics and other tools for initial program to set up.
  • Carry out the project for short-term nine to twelve months phase plan given location by SNPO.
  • Analyze test results and feedbacks.
  • Carry out the project to other locations and expand the project with private sectors throughout Singapore.

One thought on “Singapore: The Smart Little Red Dot.

  1. Wonderful example of the intersection of science and technology with the overarching goal of social good. Singapore is way ahead of the curve here. I can imagine other locations following this example and switching out ornamental plants for mini farms. Though here in NYC (and other large cities) it might be a tough sell. Personally, I would not ingest any vegetables grown in a street planter at, say, Broadway and 116th!


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