Drones to become crime fighters by aiding UK police

  1. Sustainability Problem: Safety and Health
  2. Summary
    1. Sussex and Surrey police force have begun to use drones in thier crime fighting toolkit
    2. Criminals have leveraged drones to illegally film football matches and smuggle illegal goods into prisons
    3. Drones were previously tested in Gatwick airport
    4. Technology was found, in some cases, to be successful, cheaper, faster, and safer
    5. This is a controversial technology being used and the greater community will likely express concerns
  3. Stakeholders who will use technology
    1. Police forcers throughout the UK and potentially other locations
  4. Deployment
    1. Roll out test case deployment in pilot area (complete)
    2. Monitor the performance and effectiveness of technology (complete)
    3. Make adaptations and adjustments based on feedback from pilot (in progress)

Article: http://www.engadget.com/2015/03/26/drones-police-uk/

One thought on “Drones to become crime fighters by aiding UK police

  1. I agree it makes sense to use drones to help gather aerial evidence or identify hazardous conditions. If criminals are using drones to smuggle drugs into prison or illegally film, I don’t see how the police could otherwise catch these suspects without fighting fire with fire.


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